Facebook Pages VS Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages VS Facebook Groups

Facebook Pages Features.

– Write or import notes

– Post photos and videos

– Add application to enhance your Page experience

– Create Discussion Board

– Create Groups

– Set up events

– Facebook Platform to see how to customize your presence on Facebook

Facebook groups Features.

– Share photos

– Control who see what

– Chat as a group

– Connect over email with small groups of friends

– Control who see what


Workload Chart


“Facebook” – Facebook pages OR Facebook groups ? How to promote Club Rainbow ?
“Twitter” – How does it helps to promote Club rainbow ?
“Youtube” – Make a 15s advertisement video.
– Affiliation to other forums
– Create own forum for club rainbow.


– Revamp web (more interactive)
– Sms promotion
– E-newsletter
– Large screens
– Club rainbow needs
– How do they promote Club Rainbow currently ?
– Content management system
– Search engine optimization


– action plan to create more awareness
– photo competition, film competition ? Why and how ?
– family day
– surveys and free gifts
– indoor and outdoor campaign

My reflection on the talk.

1) Reflect on 5 key points each Speaker had mentioned during his presentation.

First speaker

  • It is important to use correct html. Either <p> or <h1>.
  • Target audience
  • Check how many times visitors visit your site frequently, and ways to increase rankings.
  • Interruption Marketing
  • Business strategies

Second speaker

  • A famous Singaporean blogger.
  • Web design
  • The approximate of period taken to make a website.
  • Internship
  • A range of social media to upgrade yourself

2) List at least 3 things that have inspired you from this lecture.

  • To work hard and have my own company.
  • To be very successful
  • Nothing is impossible

3) Do you think it’s useful to have guest speakers share their expertise, experience and “Tips & Tricks” of the trade? (Explain)

Yes, so that we will get inspired to work harder to achieve what we want. Don’t ever give up.

A visit to Asian Civilisation Museum

  • 2 favourite exhibits/galleries (content presented most creative way to attract users.)

My 2 favourite exhibits/galleries are the West Asia/Islamic galleries and the China gallery. This is because I find that these 2 exhibits are more interactive, creative and attract my attention in their own way.

    West Asia/Islamic galleries

    The West Asia/Islamic galleries have a variety of activities that caught my eye and I enjoyed its ‘exploration zone’. Every gallery has its own exploration zone but in my opinion, this gallery have unique activities for users to try on. The activities are Calligraphy, Middle Eastern drums, Art of Patterns and build a Mosque. Instead of reading the description, users are allow to try them in order to understand the description. There is even tutorials on how to do it like the tutorial for Middle Eastern drums.


This is the called calligraphy, that can be found in the exploration zone. The touch screen can only be touched using the special pen given. At the beginning of the activity, a brief description and instruction is given. And user have a choice to make on what they want to try on first.

For beginners, they would have click on the beginner’s tab after clicking on the choice made and try on an easy calligraphy. It has a translucent help in the background so that the users could just trace over it with the pen and get the movement right. There is also the meaning of the calligraphy they’re typing and different pen sizes.

After being able to get the calligraphy right, users can try doing the professional mode. As for the professional mode, the calligraphy and the meaning will be given at the bottom left-hand corner. Users have to write what is given without any translucent help.

Middle Eastern Drums

It is an interesting instrument for the users to play and enjoy. Users are given the chance to explore with the drums and try learning the correct way of playing the drum. My friend here is learning how to beat the drum by following and listening to the tutorial. A fun way of learning.

Art of the Pattern

Artists in the Islamic world are experts at using geometric patterns in their arts. Users are allowed to try stretching the rubber bands over the pins with the help of the patterns grid provided. This activity make users use their intelligence to figure it out where should they place the rubber band and their creativity to try their own patterns.

Build a Mosque

A very simple activity that is trying to show the different kinds of mosque.

China Gallery

The China gallery exploration zone is quite small but there are many activities that I enjoyed doing, like the pictures above. I get to match the pictures and stories to understand about China’s history. Some users does not like reading long-winded stories or description so there are pictures for my own understanding which is very interactive and creative. But they have to match the correct cubes in order to get the picture.

There are also voices of small kids telling their stories about their country’s history. And users must press the button to hear each country.

The colour and pattern of each masks has a meaning and it has to be open in order to find out the meaning. One of the masks means, Gold and silver means immortals.

  • 2 new media tools/technologies the museum had used for public communication and education.

The 2 new media tools the museum had used for public communication and education are touch screen game and videos of  people of different races guides throughout the museum. The first new media tool is a touch screen game is for children. It is a creative idea and children will love it when they get their hands on the screen. Children get to learn how to be creative. This touch screen game is found at the China gallery, exploration zone. An entertainment for the everyone.

Another new media tool is the videos of people of different races guides throughout the museum. Instead of reading all the long-winded description, these videos explains the different parts of  the gallery. Just by touching the screen, the person on the screen will start talking and explaining. There are also questions for users to click on if they want to know more about it.

  • 2 recommendation to improve the way the current content is being presented to public.

In my opinion, by designing a human robot, it can be one entertainment for users to enjoy like for example, users can communicate with them and ask questions. The human robot can also guide the users to the gallery that they wants to visit. And instead of having the videos of people talking, the robots can be dress according to the particular gallery and talks about it.

What is Viral Marketing : Key Principles And Strategies


Picture taken from here :

The identified area of discussion that I have selected is about “Viral Marketing”. Viral comes from the word “virus” which spread rapidly. Viral marketing is to encourage an individual to pass on a marketing message to others, be it online or from mouth-to-mouth. To create an exponential growth, the message has to be convincing as I want it to spread like wildfire.

Picture taken from here:

Some examples of viral marketing aside from word of mouth include social networks such as e-mail, videos, Facebook, twitter, messenger, blogging etc. They are conducted with equal reasons which are to transmit message across effortlessly. It also does not only circulates locally even people from the other regions can come across the messages probably via video log like YouTube whereby the website exist in different countries and the streaming videos can be viewed by anyone. And the comment box is open to all hence people that have viewed can drop their comments probably to improvise or if they are interested.

The reason i chose Viral Marketing’s article to review is, as I find that every steps we take in life, there will be an array of viral marketing be it good or bad such as pornographic messages, social network or oral communication etc. Viral Marketing has affected our society by ranging itself with atypical new media like iPhone, eBooks, web 2.0 and more. In addition, it is easy to get hold of those. Statistic shows that adolescent youths spent more time on their PC watching videos, updating statuses on Facebook, checking e-mails and doing research on Google.

3 Key Points :

  1. Social Network Tools
  2. Mouth-to-Mouth
  3. Principles and Strategies

1. Social Network Tools

Some examples of social networking tools are Facebook, Twitter, MSN Messenger, YouTube and Blogger. Internet gives all around the world an access to the social networking sites. These are the popular social sites used by millions, whereby they could communicate with each other more easily, getting to know with people from different places or countries. Sharing of first hand information and experiences. Once you agree to the social networking website, you can begin to socialize which includes of reading other people’s profile or even becoming friends with them. You are also able to learn about new cultures and languages. Some profiles are set as ‘private’ and only accept requests from relative and friends. You may also create your own network of friends and eliminate the ones that you might not share a common interest with.

Social networking sites are also used for viral marketing where the advertising companies tries to engage users by making an independent presence and get users to ‘Become a fan’ of the brand and engages them. This is how the viral channel grows.

The two most known social networking sites are YouTube and Facebook.

MSN Messenger, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Blogger


Information taken from here:

YouTube is a well-known internet video sharing website. Anyone can view the videos in YouTube but for those who want to leave a comment, sign-up is needed, which is free. YouTube have all kinds of videos, just name it. Movie trailers, music videos, animation and personal recordings. YouTube has it all. It has many ways to help you find the videos that you feel like watching. It also helps you to interact with different YouTube users. It is a site for aspiring videographers with big dreams and inexpensive. If you made a video, broadcast it to the whole world and you can even develop audiences on your own creations. The popularity of a video posted online is often viewed by the number of views.

YouTube has also captures the eyes of the marketers, the exact channel for publicizing message. They encourage viewers to share their videos. This is the viral elements of web videos. The videos made have to be entertaining, engaging and convincing so as to get it passed along and become a viral trend.

Ways of doing viral marketing is through YouTube is by asking people in the video to share it with their own social media connections, inviting viewers to comment and rate the video and also ask anyone to featured the video and share it in their blog or any other social networking sites. By doing so, this will make the video spread like wildfire.


Information taken from here:

Facebook is a social networking site that intended to connect relatives, friends and also people from all over the world. It is the largest networking sites. Users create a profile page to show other users brief information about you. Users can find friends or acquaintance just by typing their e-mail, school, name or location. In Facebook, you are able to not only add photo, you can even share it with friends. You are also able to set your profile as ‘private’ to avoid from other users to see or know about you. Facebook can not only share photos, you are able to share videos too. For example, if there is a particular video that you watched from YouTube and you want others to know about it too, you can share the video from YouTube to Facebook by just clicking the share button and your video will automatically be on the news feed. Your friends can then watch it and comment about it, if they want to.

Facebook group:

Facebook Application:

Facebook pages:

Information taken from here:

Viral marketing can also be done in Facebook. Facebook groups, Facebook applications and Facebook pages. Facebook groups are for users who share common interest. They can post pictures and videos on the group’s profile page. They are able to interact discussion, update members or form new connection. This enables them to unite fans and the people who join will usually invite their friends to join too. Hence, this will create a larger network. Facebook application allows user to play games, share videos etc. There will be a prominent posting on personal profiles which is to attract friends and invite them to join in the fun. By doing so, more and more people will want to use Facebook application. As for Facebook pages, it  is the most recent additions to the Facebook site. Facebook pages are also run more by individual company, but less by the members who have joined. Members are not able to invite their friends to join, but they can “share” the page with friends instead.

2. Mouth-to-Mouth

Instead of spending a massive sum of money, viral marketing is a method that requires little money or no financial usage at all to get the message across to the maximum amount of people. By making use of this beneficial technology, it is able to provide effortless technique to transmit mass messages to two or more people. When people see a good viral promotion, they just can’t help but to talk about it. And that is the kind of good viral marketing campaign. Via oral communication like viral marketing, it is a way to promote marketing more effectively especially to induced customers or clients by personal experiences. Experience is the best teacher thus with words of mouth, it will likely be more credible. Hence when you developed some things that are exceptionally stimulating, you will certainly be sharing it with either your colleagues, friends or any close call and when they experienced it, similarly, they will also be sharing with their close call hence the chain continues. And the chain is known as Viral Marketing. An end user tells a couple of people and then those people tell another couple of people. The driving force behind most viral campaigns is the passion an end user carries. It’s like a virus that continuously infects more people and spreads without requiring anymore marketing strength. The key of viral marketing is humour.

3. Principles and Strategies

There are 3 basic principles of viral marketing.

1. Giving away products or services

This is the basic principle of viral marketing. When people hear the word “cheap” or “inexpensive”, it will provoke an interest in them. But the word “free” will attract even more people’s attention and interest. This is because everyone wants products or services that are cost-less. Who wants to buy if they can get it for free? You may also give your customers or visitors encouragement to spread about your about your products or services. And not forgetting to give a gratuity for the recommendation.

Patience and determination is needed for viral marketing. This is because it might cost them more than they get. But if they can gain the number of customers or visitor by giving something for free, they will soon produce an income.

2. Easy transfer for others

The easiest method to pass around the marketing message is just by doing it online. There are different kinds of sites in the internet that is able to pass the message around, like social networking sites, e-mail, online video-log and many more. The message has to short, simple and straight to the point. It must not be too lengthy as you do not want to bore the visitors.

3. Exploit motivation and behaviours

Building motivation and behaviours of the people is a strategy used to spread the message around. People are keen to be popular so this will motivates them to communicate to more people and more people to be known.

Information taken from here:

There are 2 viral marketing strategies.

1. Tell a friend

By using this technique, we encourage friends to pass on the message to the others, just by sharing comments with a friend on any websites that has a comment box. Invite other friends to comment so as to increase the number of people on the site.

2. Social networking websites

Social networking websites enable you to communicate with other people online. It allows users to share information and interact with each other. Sites include interesting news, sharing of favourite music and interests and also favourite videos. This is how viral marketing works online.

Information taken from here:


Viral marketing has impacted our society today by introducing a variety of social networking sites which allow us to communicate with everyone, no matter where they are from. It marries the natural act of sharing and socializing with friends. This is an advantage for both the marketers and the users. Viral campaigns ‘work’ the Internet to deliver exposure via peer-to-peer endorsement and also social business takes online business to a new level.


Viral marketing allows marketer to effectively reach to their audiences and interact with them. It also does not require money from the audiences. Viral communication is the element of the essential  wow factor or element of interest. Viral operation designs the Internet to deliver exposure via mouth-to-mouth support. The main focus is to get users to spend time communicating and expand actively. It helps online businesses to climb greater heights. As a result, it is becoming one of the most efficient forms of advertising available today.


A television or radio advertisement is not a ‘viral’ operation, nor is any form of mass-media advertising that blasts a broadcast message at a large number of people instantaneously. Viral marketing tends to start out small. It frequently stays that way for years before anyone hears of them. The potential and possibilities for interaction on social networking sites multiply exponentially if your friends are on them, too. Viral marketing can be a hit and miss proposition, and unless the campaign is being handled by experienced individuals, it can be very difficult to determine whether it is a worthwhile proposition.

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